End of Year Test Results

End of Year Test Results
Posted on 06/29/2018
End of Year Test Results

Every year students in grades 3rd-6th across the state of utah take end of year tests in Language Arts and Mathematics.  Students in grades 4th-6th take Science end of year tests.

I want to share with you how well Milford Elementary students did on these end of year tests which are commonly called SAGE.  Keep in mind the following were the state averages last year 2016/2017 (we still do not have this years state averages).

2017-2018 State Averages

Language Arts 47%
Mathematics  50%
Science 51% 

2017-2018 Milford Elementary Averages

                    Language Arts   Mathematics Science

Grade 3         63%   67% N/A
Grade 4         51%   59% 57%
Grade 5         62%   53% 59%
Grade 6         43%   27% N/A