Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

Last week our school had many fun days to show our support of being drug free. We also had many fun activities, like the book fair. This was set up in the library where students could buy a large variety of things like, books for their age, pens, pencils, bookmarks, journals, and many more! We also had assemblies, some short field trips, and awesome parties! 

On Monday, Students At MES went berserk for the day as they did their hair with spikes and mohawks. They also wore their shirts inside out pants too long. All while they ate lunch with grandparents or someone else that was important. After lunch the students and their grand went to the book fair to buy books for relatives and themselves.

On Tuesday, the students at MES cozied up and got into some pajamas. This day was a favorite among many students. We saw everything from onsies to sweatpants, and we had a blast!

On Wednesday, teachers held SLC’s (Student Led Conference) Where students show off their grades, accomplishments,graphs, and leadership papers. The students do most of the talking as they explain how they could do better and talk about how they use a leadership binder along with other great tools. The teachers told the parents test scores and other important data.

On Thursday, it was Halloween. That day everyone put their costumes on, and when everyone got back from putting on their awesome costumes, we went to the hospital to show the people our costumes. When we got back the teachers danced and the choir sang. After we had our costume parade, everyone had a party, led by our fantastic parents. Then we sadly had to leave all this fun and go home, but we were still excited to get lots of candy. 

On Friday, the students at MES dressed up in our school colors red, black, and white. We wear our school colors to support our school. It was a great way to end such an amazing week at MES!