Mr. H excited about RISE Tests

Mr. H excited about RISE Tests

By Kiley Fisher and Ryan Nichols

We decided to interview Mr. H on how he thought we did on the State RISE Test. Here's how he responded.

The first question we asked him was, “How would you say we did overall on the RISE test?” He responded, “I think we did absolutely fantastic, and this is why. Our average is much more than the Utah state average. Especially in science! I’m way excited, I mean I’m WAY excited! I also think we still have room for growth, and that's a good thing.”

The second question was, “Which grade had the highest average score? Fourth and Fifth tied for the highest score in ELA. Fourth grade BLEW everyone out of the water in math! In fact, they were the highest in the district in math. In Science, Fourth grade was again the best. And Fifth grade was the best in writing.”

This next question was important but he responded in a great way. The question was, “Which subjects did we score the highest on? Mr. H’s response was, “Science, all the way. It was the highest as a school wide score.” The fourth question was also a quick response. The question was, “What rank are we at in the district?” His response was,  “We are second in the district, right behind Belknap. But we beat so many other schools.”

The next question was, “Did we improve from last year?” His response to this was our favorite, and it was, “Absolutely, yes we did. To be honest with you, that was our goal. In everything we do we should never compare ourselves with other schools or other people. What we should look for is to get better. Growth was our goal and we made it!”

The last and final question was, “Do you think we will do better this year?” This was his response. “Absolutely! Why wouldn’t I. We have the Leader In Me Program to help us. We understand the test, and the teachers are getting better at preparing us for the test. We are stepping up to the challenge of becoming better.”